Happy Anniversary Jaftex!


Welcome to Jaftex Blog Hop, Day 12!  I am sure by now you have read about how Jaftex got started and evolved, so I won’t bore you with that.  I don’t know about you, but I am really enjoying seeing all these projects that everyone has made with their fabrics.  There are 3 different kinds of fabric bundles, yet the variety of projects made is astounding!

I am honored to be the guest blogger for today!  I was given Fusion Illusion by Blank Quilting.   You, too, can win this colorful bundle of 20 fat quarters later in this post. So, stick with me!


I know you’ve seen this fabric before on other blogs during this blog hop, but I used it on applique.  When I opened that box of fat quarter fabric bundles, I saw a rainbow of colors and thought I should make something to take advantage of that.  But… in the back of my mind I had a quilt design in mind that I’ve been meaning to draw up for nearly 2 years now.  This would be the perfect excuse to get those ideas down on fabric.

In 2013, my friend, Joan, and I went to the International Quilt Festival in Houston for the first time.  When you’re in Houston for Market or the Festival, you make friends with everyone.  We are all excited to be there and we have a lot in common.  Joan and I went down for breakfast at our hotel and saw ladies dressed up in Halloween attire – you could tell they were going to the quilt festival just from what they wore and how they looked.  Quilters will dress up together in the kookiest clothing!  We sat near this one couple of ladies who were cousins from a southern state.  They were dressed alike and looked like they were having a great time.  Each morning at the hotel bistro we would sit and chat with the other ladies going to Festival, but mostly we chatted with these 2 cousins.  I could kick myself for not remembering their names.  I guess I could call them Jill and Jane.

When you first get to Festival, you are full of energy but as each day passes, all the excitement and walking wear you down.  You shop. You eat.  You look at quilts. You eat.  You take classes.  You eat.  You rest.  And, you eat some more.  The extra weight of the goodies you buy and the pounds you put on from eating “help” you to move slower and slower.  So, by the last day, you have had your fill of fun and are dragging.

The last morning that Jill and Jane were there, it was a joy to see them, but they looked exhausted.  Their SUV was packed, and I mean packed, with the loot from only 2 days of shopping.  Jill said if there was an inch of space anywhere, she would find it so they could shop some more.  Jane said she had to stop or she wouldn’t have enough money to get back home.  It was a site to see!

After they headed for home, I laughed, thinking of a comic of them in my mind.  So, I sketched out a couple of pictures of them, thinking they would make a great quilt some day.  Quilters love to buy fabric and go to quilt shows and hang out with one another, so I figured quilters would also appreciate this “quilt story.”  The question was how to put them together into a story…  This is what I finally ended up with.  The name of this combo is…  “Went & Spent”.


I put the bright colors in the “First Day” quilt and dark colors in the “Last Day” quilt.

Jill is on the left and Jane is on the right in both quilts.  There are lots of hidden symbols in these quilts.  For one thing, in the “before” quilt (“Went”), Jane is wearing “rose colored” glasses.  She also is carrying a green “cash” bag while Jill is carrying a “Shop ’til You Drop” bag.  And, they are standing on Cloud #9.


In the “after” quilt (“Spent”), Jill and Jane both look haggard.  Jane’s glasses are now blue, to represent the blue feeling she has with leaving but also to hide those bags under her eyes.  😉  Both of them have frazzled hair.


And, you can see that, although they’ve packed the SUV pretty well, they still have some room.


So, here goes… for a chance to win the colorful bundle of 20 fat quarters above, please answer in the comments below  whether or not you have or have not been to International Quilt Festival at any time of the year.  If you have been, please tell me your favorite part.  If you haven’t been, please tell me if you’ve been to another quilt show and what you liked best about it.  On October 1st, I will pull a name/number out of a hat and will announce the winner of the Fusion Illusion fat quarter bundle shown above, so check back here then to see if it was you!  I will pay for shipping to U.S. residents.  If you are from another country and willing to pay the cost of shipping, then you are more than welcome to participate.

Also, please check out the “big” giveaways here: 85th Anniversary Giveaway 

Many thanks to Janome, Aurifil, and Schmetz for their contributions to the giveaway!

Don’t forget to stop over at Liz’ and Beth’s site at Lizzie B Cre8ive tomorrow for Day 13 of the blog hop.  I love their fun style and think you, too, will love whatever they make with their fabric bundle!

Good luck everyone!



Author: cowtownquilts

Professional longarm quilter and thread artist in the Kansas City area.

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    1. I haven’t been to the International Quilt Festival. Actually, I’ve not been to a formal quilt show, just fairs and other exhibits, but I enjoyed the craftsman/womanship.

    2. Have not been to the IQF but it’s on the bucket list. I do get to the Vermont Quilt Festival most every year and totally adore it for several reasons. They always have an antique quilt display which is so very interesting. The vendors are stupendous and the new quilt display is so very inspiring. So it would be hard for me to pick a favorite part of that show. It’s just totally enjoyable and my mind is so full of all things quilty that I find it very difficult to get to sleep after going to that show or any quilt show for that matter!

  1. I went to the World Quilt Show in West Palm Beach, FL in January. It was only the second festival I’ve ever been to and I was like a kid in a candy store, running from one exhibit to the next, excited. It is one thing to see quilts online but to get to see them in person takes it to a whole other level. I can’t wait until the next show comes to West Palm Beach!

  2. I have actually never been to any kind of quilt show. I just started seriously quilting in July of this year. I am really hopeful that I will get the chance to go this year though!

  3. I have not been to any International Quilt Festival at any time this year. I have visited the Hobby Hall at the Washington State Fair to see all the lovely quilts! I get inspired by all the creativeness in the exhibits.

  4. I have never been to the International Quilt Festival, but I have always wanted to go. I finally got to go to Sister’s Oregon for the quilt show they have every year. It was wonderful, but HOT! They don’t call it the high desert for nothing. 😉 I loved it though, there were so many beautiful quilts hanging from buildings and a ton of people. I know how you feel with the frazzled look! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Hello
    I have never been to the International Quilt show but I do get to some of the big shows in the PA area. The quilts there are jawdropping with rooms of vendors.
    BUT at the end of the day I love The smaller local shows weather in my home state or if I find one when we’re traveling I love meeting local cultures the local culture and seeing what keeps this country growing in the “world

  6. I have never been to Houston for the festival. We have a local one.I get so many ideas.The vendors are great to visit and buy things.

  7. This year will be my first trip to the International Quilt Festival – so excited! Jill and Jane are so cute – great use of color!

  8. I have not been to International Quilt Festival. I would be fantastic to go some time! Sadly, I have only been to 1 quilt show. I loved seeing all the wonderful quilts on display!

  9. I have not been to quilt Market, sounds great, but I do go to local shows. I have been quilting 25 years, but always leave feeling like a beginner, and bursting with ideas!

  10. I have never been to Houston or any of the other big quilt shows. I would love to go someday. Maybe when I win the lottery…

  11. I’ve been to International Quilt Festival and my favorite part was the vendors. What I can I say, there were so many choices. Would love to win this lovely bundle, thanks for the chance.

  12. I’ve not been to Houston, but I’ve been to a few quilt shows. I really enjoy seeing all of the vendors and all of the new fabrics and gadgets. I love your quilts, that’s exactly how I feel when I go to the quilt show! 🙂

  13. I’ve never been to an International Quilt Festival but I’ve gone to several small town quilt shows in Wisconsin. One was held in a church with all the quilts drapped over pews – awesome! Fusion Illusion is awesome too!

  14. I live in a very small mining community in northern Ontario, Canada. I have never been to a quilt show BUT it is on my bucket list. Last year on a trip to Egypt I visited the Textile Museum in Cairo, it was a fascinating experience. If I should be lucky enough to win, I would happily pay for shipping.

  15. I haven’t been too any kind of quilt show, I keep hoping to make it to one that is about 5 hours from here but the timing is always wrong, someday 🙂

  16. What a great storyteller you are! The quilts are very detailed and expressive. I have never been to any quilt show but there’s one in Salt Lake City every May that I keep hoping I’ll get to. Maybe next year…

  17. Houston is on my Bucket List!
    I have been to Paducah for the big show, way back in the late 80s. Would like to go back again and visit the new quilt museum!
    Went to The AQS quilt show in Grand Rapids in 2013. SO MUCH FUN! Took a class that was definitely out of my comfort zone (which was my goal) and took so many photos I ran out of battery 🙂 Also shopped a “bit”. hahahahahahaha

  18. Never been to a formal quilt show. Though I was in Sisters a couple of days before the show this year, so I saw some of the quilts hanging in the stores. Last time I quilted was over twenty years ago & then not exactly a lot (two baby quilts). I’ve just taken it up seriously this July. Right now I’ve got 3-4 projects in progress depending on how you count! Would love to win the fabric bundle.

  19. Have been to the Houston show 3 times. Never get tired of looking at the magnificent quilts that are displayed. Really becomes clear how talented these artists are and how much further I can go with my own projects!

  20. Great story ! The only quilt shows I’ve gone to are a couple that have been held in Kansas City. The most recent was the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival. I would love to attend an international show some time.

  21. Great story! I’ve only gone to 2 quilt shows in Kansas City. The most recent was the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival which was FANTASTIC! I would love to go to Houston sometime!!

  22. Our trip to Houston was great. So glad I got to share it with you, Ida. I’d love to go again some time.

  23. I’ve never been to IQM, and don’t get a chance to go to quilt shows much. Only local, so they aren’t real big. I love them, though! LOL!

  24. I have been to APQS shows in Des Moines every year, Houston once, and Paducah once. I had just learned to quilt in January of 2000 and went to the Paducah show that year in April. I was completely overwhelmed! All the colorful quilts! All the vendors! (I came home with 23 projects to make!) The first night back at the hotel, I could not turn off the colors swirling in my head, even with my eyes closed they just wouldn’t stop and let me go to sleep. We had to be up and ready to roll the next morning by 6 AM, so finally I just told myself, “THINK MUSLIN!”. That was the only way I could get to sleep.

  25. The first quilt show I went to was the KC Quilt Show a few months ago. The best part was spending time with my sister & others who love to quilt. There were so many beautiful quilts and inspirational ideas that I left feeling rejuvenated!

  26. I have never been to the Houston show. I do enjoy lots of local shows. Twice I have enjoyed a day long adventure to the Nanaimo quilt show which included a long early morning drive, a two hour ferry ride, the best visit with my friend at an exceptional show and then the long return voyage. It is always worth every bit of all the effort I have to go to do be able to do this.

  27. Never made the trip to Houston but live vicariously through friends who have! My sister and I ‘did’ the whole quilt experience of looking, shopping, eating, classes, lectures, did I mention eating, quilt dreaming and viewing and some sleep, I think, in a priceless trip together to AQS show in Paducah several years ago! Hope to make the IQS pilgrimage one day.

  28. I’ve never been to International, but last year my husband and I went to Paducah to the big show there. For a new quilter, like me, it was an amazing experience. We saw so many beautiful quilts and art pieces. I’m not sure that I will ever have enough talent to make pieces like we saw there, but I’m sure going to give it a shot.

  29. I think the show in Portland Oregon is an international show. I live the diversity of quilts in a bug show like that. I think there are things to take away from all quilts. Thanks!

  30. I’ve never been to the International Quilt Show but would love to get there someday. I’ve been to the Paducah Show and can relate to your story. I came home broke, tired, but excited at the thought of the wonderful things I could make with the car load of things I bought.

  31. LOL Your quilts are a hoot and I loved the story that went with them. A beautiful job on both the story and the quilts! I have never been to a quilt show. I think it would be fascinating to get to see so many gorgeous quilts in one place. I do go to festivals though and sometimes there are people there with quilts. Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway.

  32. What a fun way to remember your trip!!! LOL Those quilts are awesome1 I’m sad to say that I have never been to the International Quilt Show – maybe some day! Thanks so much for the chance to win 🙂
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  33. I haven’t been to the IQF. I have been to local quilt shows, what they give to me is inspiration. I love looking at what others can create with needles, fabrics, and threads. Love your mini’s they look great, and the hair standing on end, gotta love that.

  34. I love seeing Ida projects…there is ALWAYS something hidden in them. Interesting that there are only 3 different bundles because each project looks totally different. I have been to Paducah and the KC Regional quilt show. Thank you for making Went-Spent…it shows everyone what the quilt show experience is like and why we all have so much fun doing it.

  35. I have lots of friends who have been to IQF, but I have not made the journey….yet! I have been to Sisters three times for their outdoor extravaganza. Boise Basin Quilters has their show coming up September 25th and 26th. I had a quilt in their show last year that received a ribbon for hand quilting. I see the Stanley Sawtooth Mountain Mamas no longer hold a quilt show. That was a lovely one, usually held this time of year. It is sad when quilt shows no longer can be pulled together. I know Baker, OR, no longer has one because the quilters have reached an age that allows them to be active in putting on a show; the younger quilters don’t seem interested in taking on these large projects.

  36. I have only attended a few quilt shows that were close to home. I love to look at all the wonderful quilt creations that are submitted. Maybe I can convince my mom to go to Houston sometime soon.

  37. I have not been to the International Quilt Show. I have been to the Northwest Quilting Expo in Portland, Oregon many times. My favorite part is the vintage quilts that they always show as it makes me wonder about the stories behind the quilts and who made them. I love the sense of humor that you have shown in your quilts about Jill and Jane.

  38. I have never been to any quilt show or big quilt market. I do have both listed on my Bucket list. Thanks for the gorgeous giveaway.

  39. I love your quilts! I have never been to any sort of quilt show other than the state fair, but I would love to go to one!

  40. I went to IQF in Houston about 10 years ago with my aunt. We spent 2 full days there. I definitely looked “spent” after that! I would love to go again sometime. It is definitely inspiring!

  41. I attended IQF in Houston about 10 years ago with my aunt. We spent 2 full days there. I definitely looked “spent” after that! I would love to go again sometime. It is definitely inspiring!

  42. I haven’t been to the International Quilt Show. Yesterday a group of us went to Erie PA for Quilting on the Bayfront. It use to be held at Lake Chautauqua NY. Love seeing the different levels of talent of the quilt makers!

  43. Yes! It was fabulous! Seeing the amazing quilts, up close and learning about the designers and the story behind many of the quilts was so special. It’s kind of a once in a lifetime experience…every time! Since all the quilts/stories are new. Come away with such an awe of the art and respect and admiration for the artist!

  44. I’ve never been to Int’l Quilt Festival. I just retired last Dec. so a festival is on my list of things to do…inbetween all the grandma-things I’ve been doing.

  45. I winter in Tx but I never get there quite in time for the show. I did make it to QuiltCon last year, though, and really enjoyed the experience. It was such a delight to meet a few of the quilting elite and to immerse my traditional quilting brain into the modern quilting genre. Your wall hangings are so clever! And so true! Bravo!

  46. I have never been to an International Quilt Festival any place or any time. Think would be sooo Awesome tho! Have been to few local quilt shows around here…was grrrreat to see all the different quilts & all.

    Your quilt is Sooo fun!! Love it!! Thanks for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 🙂

  47. I can’t wait to goto Houston in October, I probably will be like Jane in your quilts. By the way you did an amazing job with them.

  48. I’ve never been to the festival, but I have been to the AQS show in Paducah. The thing I loed most were the amazing quilts! Speaking of quilts, yours is delightful, and true! Thanks for sharing it.

  49. I haven’t been to the International Quilt Show, but it’s on my quilty bucket list! I went to the first LA Quilt Show last year and it was fantastic seeing so many inspiring pieces in person. I’m going to QuiltCon in February and can’t wait! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  50. I have never been to a quilt show. I have been to some general hobby craft fayres though. I love all the gadgets and fabrics that are on sale. Love your quilts- very cool!

  51. Never been there but I have been to a small one near Buffalo. I liked the purses and totes that were made.

  52. I’ve only been to a local quilt show in northeast Ohio. I found the fabric color choices made a world of difference to the end product.

  53. I went to IQF in Houston 3 years ago & going again this fall. Can’t wait. It was so much fun being with my traveling quilt “sisters” and meeting other quilters like you mentioned in your blog.

  54. Oh my goodness, the story and the quilts are just too funny! I haven’t been to IQF in Houston but some friends and I did go a couple times when they had it in Cincinnati. Just a day trip though, so we probably didn’t experience the full show exhaustion like you did. I loved the show — the quilts were inspiring and the shopping was a blast. When I’ve gone to other big shows I’ve taken some classes that I really enjoyed as well.

  55. The first big quilt show was the one we had here in KC. Where all the Guilds got together and strutted our stuff. It was AMAZING!!! I even put in my very first quilt for Non judged quilts and I was so gratified to over hear what some people thought of my quilt. Next time I won’t be so hesitate about entering something.
    Nancy Taylor

  56. I have never been to International, but I have been to the museum in Paducah, and my local guild show. I just love all the different styles, shapes and sizes. Such inspiration!

  57. I try to attend the Northwest Quilt Expo in Portland, OR each year–this year I’ll be going with my niece, which will be a special treat. My favorite part is the Cover to Cover quilt display, featuring quilts made to represent the books read by the quilters in the group–they read a book together, then each quilter makes a quilt based on that book. Some are literal, some are metaphorical. They are always outstanding, and inspiring. You should look them up!

  58. Your quilts are so funny! International Quilt Show is on my bucket list. Meanwhile, I try to get to some local shows and can only imagine what several days at Houston would be after only one day at a local show and “doing” ALL of the vendors. Thanks for the opportunity to win those versatile fabrics!

  59. Loved the KC Festival. Not sure I could mentally digest the bigger shows.
    You are sooo creative!! Would love to be the winner.

  60. I’ve only been to a local quilt show (a few times) and I like the small size (though I did enjoy meeting Alex Anderson!) My favorite part, aside from seeing all the quilts, is the shopping – I get to shop with vendors I don’t normally see.

  61. I have never been to the IQF but have been to some of our local shows. My favorite parts are looking at the new quilts and new patterns. Love the inspiration.

  62. I haven’t been to an International Quilt Festival, unless the one I went in Long Beach, CA a few years ago is one and the same. If not, the only other huge festival I’ve attended was a Road to California. So many things to love how can I choose just one. Loved the quilts and the vendors!

  63. I have not yet had the pleasure of attending Quilt Festival. One of these years!! Thanks so much for sharing

  64. I’ve never been to an International Quilt Festival but it something that I really want to do. I’ve been to local quilt shows and I always love taking a break and stopping for lunch in the tea room and discussing the quilts in the show with other quilters..

  65. I have not been to the international Quilt Show but hope to go someday. This summer I was able to go to the AQS show in my hometown Syracuse. It was awesome!

  66. I have not had the opportunity to go to any of the quilt shows. I do love looking at all the quilts, when other people post pictures.

  67. since i moved to the houston area in 1988, i have only missed a few quilt festivals; here’s hoping i make it this year pinched nerve or not.

  68. One of these days I will attend a quilt festival… Most likely when I retire!! I love the story behind yor applique quilt!! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Jill and Jane connect with you via this post??!!

  69. I have been to one quilt show for our state. It’s amazing to see the workmanship in the quilts as well as the variety. And, so many vendors! What wonderful quilts you made to tell the story of going to a quilt show.

  70. I’ve never been to a large quilt festival, but I’ve been to a few of the larger ones in Portland. It’s a toss-up between seeing the quilts and the vendors since I live in a small town and like to see products that the local quilt shops don’t carry.

  71. I’ve never been to an international quilt festival, but I sure would like to go. Not sure how I’d do with the size of these events, but one does not know until one tries. I was at a recent quilt canada and what I liked about it was the size, the variety and quality of the quilts and the fact I had 3 days to view in a leisurely way. Loved the Bill Kerr lecture that I attended.

  72. I’ve been to a local show and my favorite part was seeing my sister’s quilt displayed! I would love to go to a “big” show like Quilt Market/ Quilt Festival.

  73. Yes! I have been to the International Quilt Festival at Houston!!!! Did I see you there? I was a Quilt Angel — the one that kept telling you, “PL-ease, don’t touch the quilts!!!!” Yep. That was me. Unfortunately, we have now moved out of the Houston area, and I can no longer go. My favorite part? Definitely the quilts!!! They are Amazing!

  74. No, I have not been to International Quilt Show or any quilt show….yet! That’s so sad, isn’t it? Someday I hope to make it to one and fill my head with new ideas and the backseat of the car with new goodies!

  75. I have been to IQF x 2. It is amazing…huge, wonderful. Loved all the quilts that you usually only see in a magazine, up close. Loved all the variety of classes…wish I could go again someday!

  76. I have never been to the Quilt Festival but I have been to Quilt Market several years ago when a good friend was a shop owner. I absolutely loved it! I still have wonderful and fun memories of my “adventures” there and would love to go back some day.

  77. Sadly, I have not attended International Quilt Show or ANY quilt show yet! I do hope to someday and come back as frazzled looking as you two do in your last block…but so happy and full of ideas!

  78. I’ve never been to a quilt festival, but have gone to our big State quilt show several times. My two favorite parts are seeing the talent, and of course the shopping!

  79. My sisters & I got together in Houston last fall for the International Quilt festival. My favorite parts were the quilt exhibits. So many amazing & inspiring quilts. Thanks for sharing your fun quilts & thanks for the chance to win.

  80. I’ve never been to International Quilt Festival, only to our local one which is much smaller. I like the classes and the shopping.

  81. I love to go to big ones like Houston. So many beautiful, wonderful quilts from all over the world. Lots of great new stuff out there too.

  82. Going to Houston’s International Quilt Festival is on my Bucket List. I had hoped to go this year but fell recently and broke my leg. There is always next year! I would love to see all the new trends and colors!!

  83. I have not been to IQF but it is my dream to go someday. I have been to many quilt shows but would say I really like going to MQX every year now for the past 3 years. The quilts are simply amazing and the vendors are top notch!

  84. I have never been to a festival. Would love it! I see as much as possible on line …love the variety, the inspiration of so many designs.
    Thank you.

  85. Never be to Int at Houston, busy time on the farm at that time of the year, but I help organize and put up and take down our local Corn festival Quilt Show starting next Fri Sept 25. Beautiful bundle Kathy in Colo

  86. Sadly it is to far away! Lol! But I have been and will go again next friday to the european patchwork meeting in France. I so look forward to it and I just love to see all those quilts exhibited in all those different locations like schoolrooms, churches, …. just amazing. And of course there is also a huge area to spend money on everything a quilter’s heart wishes to have, lol!
    Your quilt is just so cute!
    Hugs from Switzerland, Martina

  87. I’ve never been to the international show…would LOVE to! Our small community just had their annual show this weekend and I went for the first time. It was great! One of the best parts about it was the local guild members clean out their stash and magazines, etc., and put it all for sale. Came home with a nice addition to my stash!

  88. I have never been to any quilt shows, but will try out our local fairs this fall. I live vicariously through the bloggers online. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  89. I’ve never been to the IQF, but would like to go someday. I go to the American Quilter’s Society show in Des Moines, IA with my sisters each year and have a blast. In addition to the quilts, I love to look at the new gadgets in the vendors’ row and see the demonstrations they have. Can’t wait for the next one.

  90. Unfortunately I have not visited IQF. I have heard that it is a great place to visit though!! The closest I have been to a show like that is Road to California, which is a few miles from my home.

  91. I have attended Quilt Market at Houston, the Madison WI Expo and the AQS Paducah Quilt Show. While I love looking at the quilts on display I have to admit I that the vendors are the most fun for me.

  92. I have never been to a big quilt show but I did go to a regional one this summer. It was wonderful! My favorite thing was definitely the quilts on exhibit — such talented, creative people!

  93. I’ve never been to a formal quilt show. But I’ve been to see the quilts at fairs. It’s my favorite part of fairs.

  94. I love Market. I agree with your description but my DIL and I generally have to leave Sunday so we’re still somewhat pepped and sorry to leave. I love the Schoolhouse, and seeing the incredible booths and new collections. Plus, I love meeting and putting faces to names I admire and appreciate. Thanks.

  95. Love Market. I think you captured the mood and I love the quilts. I look forward to Schoolhouse, seeing the incredible creative booths and collections and being able to put faces to the names. Thanks.

  96. I haven’t been to Houston, but I have gone to PIQF so many times I can’t count (and have loved it every time!!), and I got to go to Raod To CAlifornia two years ago and loved it too!! Someday I’ll get to Houston and the biggest goal is to get to Paducah!!! Can you believe it, my sister lived there and I was there once, but that was in 1990, and I wasn’t into quilting then so I didn’t even go to the museum!!! (Smack myself on the side of the head!!!) Love your quilts!!!! So true about the first day and the last day of going to a big quilt show!!! 🙂

  97. I haven’t been to any quilt shows other than the ones I see at the local fair once per year. One of these years though, I am going to at least one!

  98. I’m lucky to have been to the Houston Quilt show twice but only for the last day each time. To really get it all in I would love to be able to stay somewhere in Houston and go for the full 4 days and take a few classes. Staying in Houston is not an easy task lol. But we drive 3 hours to get there.

  99. no I have never been to an IQF show. But I have been to plenty of 4-H quilt shows over the years. the best part is seeing all the color and different ways of putting things together.

  100. I’ve never been to International Quilt Show. I would love to go sometime. I have been to more local quilt shows and events and enjoyed them immensely.

  101. Sadly I have never been to any quilt show. I would love to someday though. Have a great day! I love your work.

  102. Not yet been to an International Quilt Festival. Just a handful of local quilt shows in the northwest. A big one is definitely on my bucket list. Perhaps I’ll start small and catch one in Portland or Seattle first. Loved the tennis shoes in the Final picture – I know that would be me throughout!

  103. i haven’t been to houston, but i went to several quilt shows at chicago. i haven’t been for several years, but hope to be there again soon. i really miss taking classes with the instructors from all over the world!! such wonderful sharing of experience!!!

  104. Your art quilts are hysterical and very cool. I love them. And I can relate. I have been going to IQF in Houston every year for the past 17 years! My favorite part is the margaritas my BFF and I consume while waiting for the preview night to open. Best night of the whole deal!

  105. I have been to the Houstan International Quilt show. I loved seeing all the new fabrics and gadgets.

  106. I have been to the Houston Quilt Show. Love it. I love viewing all the quilts. But also seeing all the new things the vendors have.

  107. I haven’t been to any IQF shows, but I did go to a Washington State Quilters show once. My gosh, all the talent!! I got lots of ideas and loved the demos.

  108. Never been to any type of quilt festival or show. The closest I have gotten is my local county fair in the crafts display.

  109. I have not been to quilt festival in Houston. I enjoy quilt shows, but I think something on that scale would wear me out, much like your sisters! I mostly go to local guild shows in the Charlotte, NC area.

  110. I’ve not been to IQF, but I’ve been to a couple of the AQS shows. I’m going to the Des Moines Quilt Week later this month. Traveling all the way to Iowa to see a quilt show. Who would do such a crazy thing? I would!

  111. I’ve never been to an International Quilt Festival, but I’ve been to a couple of quilt shows within my state. I don’t have a lot of local quilt shops to choose from, so my favorite part was going through all the booths. 🙂

  112. I have never been to a International Quilt Festival.. my BFF and I are trying to figure out how to meet at one that easy for us both to get to! I;ve been to some smaller local shows. but I WANNA GO TO A BIG SHOW!

  113. Never been to that one, but I just attended a show in Chattanooga yesterday. I love looking at the quilts, being amazed at the talents of others, and shopping!

  114. I’ve never been to IQF but i always attend PIQF in Santa Clara, CA. It’s a wonderful show filled with beautiful quilts and great vendors. One of highlights of my October every year.

  115. I have been to some local quilt shows, but never an International Quilt Festival. I love to see the variety of quilts displayed, and of course the booths and vendors are fun to see! Maybe some day I will get to go!

  116. That is so awesome you created this quilt! It is hilarious and creative. I have never seen one like this before. Now I have never been to a quilt IQF, but I have seen at out state fairs some quilts. I now know what to expect from an IQF…thanks to your quilt 🙂
    N.snaer at gmail dot com

  117. I was able to go to the Paducah Kentucky AQS quilt show. I loved the quilts and the quilt vendors.
    The quilt museum was also a highlight of my trip.

  118. IQF would be heaven but the only shows I have been to are local. I enjoy seeing what the gals in my small city have been working on.

  119. Love the details in your little quilts! They are amazing. I live in Canada, but I was able to go to the Vermont Quilt Show in June and I enjoyed meeting quilters, visiting vendors and seeing the latest products and viewing beautiful quilts.

  120. I’ve been to several international shows, Houston and Chicago were my highlight as the both had my ..the cow jumped over the moon..as part of the Msry Lou Weidman Cow Parade! She travelled with the herd and I got to see her at least four time. Your story quilts reflect my trips to see her, the are great!

  121. I attended CQA Quilt Canada in St. Catherines, ON and am looking forward to attending again when it is held in Toronto, ON.
    I LOVED the quilts on display. Such a vast array of techniques, colors, modern, traditional. I could have gone through it ten times!

    ktreve (at) hotmail (dot) com

  122. Love the story of Jill and Jane! I have attended the International Quilt Show in Houston and my favorite part was viewing the winning quilts. I loved listening to audience comments as we stood admiring a quilt, showed how diverse our thoughts can be. Thank you for a chance to win the FQ bundle.

  123. Haven’t been to any International Quilt Festival yet. I’ve been to Road to California several times and always look forward to lots of fabulous quilts, exhibits, and vendors to fill me with endless inspiration.

  124. The only quilt show I’ve ever been to is the QuiltExpo in Madison, Wisconsin, put on by Nancy Zieman and Wisconsin Public Television. I’ll bet your International show is a bit bigger!! Have fun! and thanks for the giveaway! jacklynnsteven at netzero dot com

  125. I’ve not been to the international show. My sister mom and I went to the sewing&quilting expo in Chicago a few years ago. Just for the day and it was great. I put on a quilt show atwith

    1. My keyboard is crazy this morning
      I put on a quilt show at the nursing home each year – residents and family bring in their quilted treasures, some are made from old clothing, some look like they’d disintegrate if touched, some have only seen the guest room or the inside of a closet. Some are very well loved. I love watching the residents as they reminisce about their mom or grandma sewing.

  126. Comment# 1 – I’ve not been to the international show. My sister mom and I went to the sewing&quilting expo in Chicago a few years ago. Just for the day and it was great. I put on a quilt show atwith

  127. I have not ever been to an International Quilt Festival before…… but I have been to one quilt show years ago. It was amazing! I think the thing that took my breath away was the creativity. So many wonderful designs and colors. My friend Karma and I have been to a few of the Utah quilt shop hops and had a wonderful time. So many ideas and sooo little time.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.
    Jean C.

  128. I’ve never been to an International Quilt Festival. But I have been to quite a few local quilt shows. I like the ones that make you feel like you are welcome. One even had unofficial hosts. A guild member realized we were from out of town and made sure she told us where everything was and that we knew how to find her if we had questions or wanted a full-time guide. It was a great touch.

    I love, love, love how you have used your bundle.

  129. I’ve never been to an International Quilt Festival but I have been to the Tucson Quilt show two years in a row. My mom and I went and we spent the entire day until they kicked us out and had to run down the last aisle each time to see all the beautiful quilts. We’re looking forward to seeing it again this coming January. My favorite parts have been looking at the quilts closely followed by going thru the vendor booths.

  130. Been to Houston show twice. Enormous. Love Paducah even better and have been there every year for over 20 years. Also been to the Patchwork Festival in England and Malvern. Do travel See quilts.

  131. I haven’t been to International Quilt Festival but I have been to the AQS show in Paducah KY and it was a blast. I attend local quilts shows in my area and have been to several traveling quilt shows and at state fairs. I love to see all of the creativity and workmanship that goes into creating something so wonderful. The minis to the art quilts to the bed quilts are just stunning.

  132. 2104 was my first time to attend Pacific International Quilt festival. I was most impressed by the many red poppy quilts that were commemorating WWI and the stories that surrounded them.

  133. I love, love, love your Went and Spent quilts! I felt that way at the end of a long road trip with two teenagers and a pre-teen… lol.

    I haven’t been to an International Quilt festival. But I have been to Writers’ Conferences/Workshops. They are a blast, start to finish.

  134. I haven’t been to that festival but I went to another quilt show here in Philadelphia and loved every minute! Thanks for hosting.

  135. Have not been to IQF, I guess that’ a bucket list thing for me. Favorite store is “Quiltown, USA” also known as Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton, MO!

  136. I’ve never been to Quilt Festival. I almost got to go once, but it did not work out. I have enjoyed HMQS in Salt Lake City, Washington State Quilters in Spokane, Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Festival. I like seeing the great variety of quilts as well as taking classes.

  137. I’ve never been to Houston but I did go to Paducah once. I loved all the excitement and all the sights of the show and vendors! I also did a lot of shopping too!

  138. I can’t even imagine how much fun it would be to go to a huge quilt event like IQF. I’ve only been to local quilt shows. It is so much fun just to see what my quilt guild members have to at our Sew and Tell every month. Quilting is so much to so many!

  139. I’ve never been to an International Quilt Festival, but my mother and I recently attended the San Diego Quilt Festival and it was amazing. We’ve both been quilting for years, but this was our first big show. It was awesome to see all the talent out there and we were both so inspired. Plus we felt confident that we might be able to participate next year, which was a good feeling. And of course, the vendors were so fun to visit. LOL

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