Nancy’s Samplers

I have 2 quilts of Nancy’s to share.  According to Nancy, the fabric in this first one makes it a Southwestern Style quilt, so we went with that theme with the quilting, too.


So, I started with lassos (loops) and Texas-style stars for an allover Edge-to-Edge design.

IMG_2730   IMG_2732

Then I snuck in some boots and other Southwestern surprises.  By the way, I try to put surprises in places where you can’t really see them on the front of the quilt so that people looking at your quilt will see the blocks and not the quilting.  But, if you turn the quilt over, you will see them… (bottom pictures).


 IMG_2734  IMG_2736

Nancy loves her dogs, so I had to put some kind of wild dog in there.  I say “some kind of wild dog” because I was trying to make a wolf howling at the moon, but it looked funny.  I MIGHT have passed for a coyote, but maybe not…  And, this is the back of the quilt, so you can see it better.


It was a lot of fun to quilt this one.  I haven’t had the chance to quilt a Southwestern Style quilt before.

Her other quilt is another Sampler Quilt made from a mixture of batiks and regular cottons.  This one was a big, honking quilt, so it hung off my design wall.  I can’t wait to get some “real” walls in my basement so I can mount my design wall instead of leaning it against the concrete wall.  It makes the pictures look bowed.


Since this is going on Nancy’s bed and will get used a lot, she went with an allover Edge-to-Edge design.  So, what kind of quilting would you do with this quilt?  I wasn’t sure.  Nancy suggested leaves, so that is what I did.  The variegated thread blends real well with the colors in her quilt, even the blocks with the light background…. don’t you think?

IMG_2764     IMG_2765



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