Oh Little Star of Bethlehem

It’s that time of year again… only about a month to go before Christmas is here.  Joan made 2 of these beautiful Nativity quilts.  My husband loved them both so much, he wanted me to make one for above our mantel.  Well, they are pretty detailed with lots of work involved; but that is what Joan does so well.  Anyhow, I did order a kit for this from Seams Like Home.  If you click on their name, it will take you to their line of patterns.  There you will find the Nativity Quilt pattern and kit as well as a Christmas reindeer pattern and kit, which I bought before.  I don’t know when I’ll ever get around to making them, but they are on my quilting “bucket list.”

Since I quilted 2 of these quilts, I am going to showcase them both together to show the differences in the quilting.  With the first one, I feel like I was practicing, because there were things that bothered me about the first one that I wanted to change.  Well… with each and every quilt that I quilt, there is always something that bothers me about my quilting…. I doubt you can see much difference between the 2 quilts in these pictures, except for the star.  I changed how many times I stitched over the lines.

IMG_2812  IMG_2993

One of the differences is in the borders.  I was stumped on what to put in the borders.  Feathers are a “go-to” for a lot of people, to include me, and I work hard to get out of my box.  So, for the first quilt, I stitched wide piano keys on the outer border and ribbon and bows on the inner border.  For the second one, I broke down and quilted (easy) feathers on the outer border and swirls on the inner border.  Which one do YOU prefer?

IMG_2820 IMG_2983

Another thing that bothered me on the first quilt was the layout of the wood of the roof of “inn”.  After I had finished it, I realized that sheds, homes, etc. are built with boards going cross-wise along the joists instead of “in line” with them.  So, I corrected the roof on the second quilt.  When it’s hanging up, people probably won’t notice it, but I would.

IMG_2821   IMG_2973

Also, for whatever reason, on the first quilt the grass bothered me, so I changed it on the second.  BUT… when I got the second one done, I like the grass on the first one better.  Go figure!  I “scribbled” out a path on the first one near the buildings, as you can see, which I didn’t do with the second.  And, though I wanted graceful rolling hills on the second, I tried to work with the fabric and follow lines along the fabric.

IMG_2825 IMG_2974

The feathers were changed on the angels with more details on the second quilt.

IMG_2806  IMG_2986

There’s a little bit of difference on the sheep, but not enough to be noticeable, I think.  I do like the sheep on the first quilt better.

IMG_2824 IMG_2978

The buildings were pretty much the same.

IMG_2804  IMG_2982 

IMG_2803 IMG_2981

And, the people were the same for the most part, except I didn’t outline every detail on the second – I still think it looks better.

IMG_2827 IMG_2998

A little better detail on the camel???…

IMG_2826  IMG_2979

And, finally a shot of the whole quilt without borders…

IMG_2813  IMG_2997

Which one do you think you like better?




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  1. WOW! These are stunning!! I was lucky enough to see both of these. Ida’s work is nothing more than UNBELIEVEABLE! She is amazing and an incredible artist. I love both the quilts for their gorgeous quilting (and of course Joan’s beautiful work). AWESOME job, Ida! Can’t wait to see the next one and the next one and …. Thanks for sharing and helping me learn from you.

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