Ruby Pineapples

The Christmas rush has had me delayed in showing off customer quilts.  I can’t even remember when I finished this for Jane.  My husband thought she did an exquisite job of putting it together – he really liked it.  I wish you could see it in person. If I remember right, the strips are right under an inch wide.

So, here is the whole kit and kaboodle.

IMG_2952 (2)

Jane wanted pineapples quilted all over, so here are some close-ups of what I did.

quilting in cream

quilting in ruby and pink

 Details of the border, which is different from the pineapples in the blocks, but seems to go well…

details of border 3

Details of border 2

details of border 3

I apologize if the pictures are messed up.  My site is saying each of my pictures is too big to upload.  So, I’m pulling them from my Flickr site.

Anyhow, I learned a lot quilting this for Jane (as I do with each quilt I quilt).  One of the things I did was use matching thread in top and in the bobbin.  I was kind of horrified with the ruby stitching (it showed all my mistakes) on the backing of the quilt.  If I were to do this over again, I would at least try using a different color of thread in the bobbin to match the backing fabric.  I used to do that all the time when I quilted on my domestic machine.  I guess I’m afraid to do that on my longarm, because it is so finicky about tension.


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  1. LOVE THIS! Love the pineapples and how you used them in this quilt. BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the colors. You are so creative and do an awesome job to venture out in how to use your inspiration to the benefit of the quilt. SUPER JOB!

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