Judy’s Lap Quilts

Judy has been able to pump out the quilts this year now that she’s not busy with the big job of being in charge of the Guild’s Boutique.  She recently made 2 lap quilts, which I will tell you about now.  She’s also finished 2 more quilts, which I will tell you about in another post (or two).

This first one looks like it is made from the same fabric as a previous quilt Judy made.  I absolutely LOVE this fabric!  I cannot believe I didn’t get more pictures of this quilt and of this fabric.  :\


IMG_3177  IMG_3178

I quilted the above lap quilt with a ribbon type quilting.  And, of course, I snuck something into the quilting.



I also love this other quilt she made.  Judy tends to use neutral backgrounds, and I think this makes the blocks pop.  Do you see what I mean?  And, she’s got me dying to make one of those checkerboard borders.  I LOVE them!  But, I also fear them, because I know you have to have your measurements dead on perfect.  That’s the reason I am a machine quilter and not a quilt top piecer.  I don’t even come close to being perfect when putting together quilt tops.


For this one, I quilted a combination of pointy flowers and rounded feathery swirls.

IMG_3173 IMG_3174 IMG_3175

Didn’t Judy do a marvelous job on both quilts?  I think so!






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  1. Ida, the recipients of these quilts will be blessed with your talent, skill, and beauty. I am so touched with the beautiful work you do and the creative imagination you use. Thank you so much for the gift you give me in sharing your expertise. They are beautiful!

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