Sisterly Love of Quilts

Two of my customers are sisters.  One of the sisters (Leanne) has been making quilts forever and the other (Leslie) is learning from her sister.  When you see Leslie’s quilts, though, you would think she’s been making quilts for almost as long as her sister, Leanne.  Leslie learned a lot of strategies from Leanne on this last quilt.  I will show you both quilts so you can see for yourself the many techniques you can put into one quilt.


For the above sampler quilt, Leanne and Leslie chose Kaffe Fassett fabrics.   For the most part, I did the same quilting for both quilts, except for the stripped triangle border blocks.  Leanne wanted big feathers in hers.

IMG_0021  IMG_0018

And Leslie chose Curved Cross-Hatching with feathers around it.  I repeated what I did in the triangle border blocks for both sisters.  So, if you look at Leslie’s quilt below, the big triangle in the “tree” block also has the Curved Cross Hatching.  In Leanne’s, I repeated the big, slanted feathers in that same block.  I also switched up what was next to the tree trunk.  I quilted Leanne’s first, and I changed some of the things that bothered me in Leanne’s when I quilted Leslie’s quilt.  There were swirly loops in another block that I didn’t repeat in Leanne’s; I wish I had, so I fixed that with Leslie’s (the benefits of being second in line for quilting).


I snuck a flower and a bee into the basket block of Leanne’s.


In Leslie’s, the bee grew gargantuan, and I didn’t do the curved cross hatching on the basket as well (the drawbacks of being second).  :\


I stuck a butterfly in another block.



IMG_0014  IMG_0015


IMG_3190  IMG_3191


IMG_3184 IMG_3187 IMG_3188 IMG_3189IMG_3193 IMG_3199

No matter which one you like better, this quilt really pops!  I was a little afraid to use the thread color they chose, BUT… it really does look like Kaffe Fassett colors. What do you think?

You can find more of Kaffe’s products here and here.


Author: cowtownquilts

Professional longarm quilter and thread artist in the Kansas City area.

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  1. What exquisite quilting!!! You put so much love and detail in your BEAUTIFUL work!!! And the quilts from these ladies are so detailed, colorful, and well done. Thanks for sharing your accomplishments!!! BEAUTIFUL!

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