Back on the Farm

This is one of McKenna Ryan’s older pattern sets, and I’m not sure why it’s harder to get now, because I think it’s as cute as can be.  Joan seems to be able to find these patterns somewhere (where, I don’t know), but later on I’ll post a couple places where you can find these patterns.

This is Joan’s latest quilt, “Back on the Farm.”


Here lately, I’ve been more at a loss of what to add to quilts than I’ve ever been.  So, I’m less than pleased with what I came up with for this quilt.  I mean, really, what else does it need?  I think the quilt and all those tiny pieces speak for themselves.  Part of my problem is that I’m seeing more and more quilts quilted to death, with so much thread in and on them that you’d need arms of steel just to pick them up (because all that thread makes them heavy, too heavy to sleep under).

Anyhow, for the top right, this is what I did.  Steel roof on the barn, rows in the fields, etc.  Joan waited to add embellishments until after I quilted it (thank you, Joan!), so there will be ropes connected to that board the cat is sitting on, making it a swing.

IMG_3299 IMG_3300

Top left… simply added where I thought muscles, curls, etc. should be and echo stitched around the animals.


Middle right…  too bad I couldn’t incorporate that spot on the piglet’s butt as a “dirty” spot around its anus…  😉

IMG_3301 IMG_3302

Middle at the bottom…

IMG_3307 IMG_3308

Bottom left…like above, I stitched feathers into the birds.  And, I almost forgot that I stitched a white spot in the upper corner of the cow’s eyes to bring it to life.

IMG_3305   IMG_3306I

This brings me to the border.  See the picture above with the cow?  I had decided to stitch foot prints of the animals in the quilt into the border.  After I got the quilt done, I realized that there wasn’t enough quilting in the border (even fullness means it hangs better), so I added echoes around the foot prints.  Those next to the cow above are supposed to be pig hoof prints.

The chicks above led me to add foot prints coming off the ramp/stairs.


Coming around to the right bottom the chicken feet change to goat feet.  Oh… I also added white stitches to the upper corners of this goat’s eyes as well.

IMG_3310  IMG_3311

Further up, you’ll find duck/goose feet in the middle and cat prints int he upper right.

IMG_3313 IMG_3314

Now this is where I need to do some explaining.  I had started this whole foot print border with the top border of horse prints.  And, after realizing I needed to add something to the border  to match the amount of quilting done in the blocks and adding echoes around the foot prints, I came back to the horse prints last and echoed around them.  I looked again and saw sperm floating along in the upper border.  I was mortified!  How do I fix this?  And, that’s when I added tiny circles inside the horse prints in an attempt to make it look more like horse prints and less like swimming sperm.   Moral of the story… sometimes echo stitching is not a good idea.


You can find the pattern for this quilt on McKenna Ryan’s website here. She has other patterns you might be interested on her website, too.

Or, if you prefer to do your shopping on Amazon, you can find a newer version of her farm pattern here. This pattern is where I got the inspiration to stitch a barn quilt on Joan’s quilt above.





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