Family Reunion Quilt 2016

Judy B. is such a sweetheart.  It’s been 3 years in a row, now, that she’s had me quilt a quilt for her to donate to her family at their annual family reunion.  She not only purchases the fabric and makes it herself, she pays me to quilt it.  And, then, she turns around and GIVES it to her extended family to be used in a family auction to raise money for family needs; perhaps someone’s house burned down and the family needs to start from scratch rebuilding their home, or someone’s had a medical emergency and needs help paying bills, or any other number of needs or emergencies one could name.  Isn’t that freakin’ awesome???

So, here is her latest quilt for the family auction to be held in a couple more weeks; the end of May.


She always does such a great job of coming up with an interesting and unique quilt for these auctions!  What do you think of this one?  I think the blocks look like they could be twisted log cabin blocks.

Those points “told me” this quilt needed curvy quilting.  So, I added some flowers and leaves and some swirls.  But, look at this flower.  Doesn’t it remind you of a chicken head?  Or, is it just me?


This one’s better.


This is where I snuck in the secret message.  Can you see it?  🙂

IMG_3258 IMG_3257

Okay, let’s turn it around to the back side.  Maybe you can make it out there.

IMG_3259 IMG_3260 IMG_3261

Can you read backwards?  Okay, this is what it says;

“Made by yours truly…Judy B…with much love.”

In the meantime, watch out for “chickens crossing” the quilt to get to the dark side.  😉

Hope you enjoyed!

Author: cowtownquilts

Professional longarm quilter and thread artist in the Kansas City area.

2 thoughts on “Family Reunion Quilt 2016”

  1. LOVE THIS POST, Ida!!! You are the SWEETEST!!! I love your quilting! LOVE all the detail. LOVE the personalization. Just love everything you do!!! You do awesome work and I am honored you quilt my family reunion quilts! Whomever wins the bid is the lucky one!!!! Looking forward to telling you how much this year’s quilt raised for the family. Warm hugs to you, dear friend!

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