Fancy Filled with Feathers

First off, let me say that I’ve been wanting to make a blue and brown quilt for a long time.  This one has the perfect colors!  I love the denim/indigo blue and the leather brown colors that Diane sewed into this quilt.


Diane likes simple, traditional quilting, so we stuck with feathers for this quilt.  Each of the blocks had feathers in them and the borders had a curly-Q feather swag.  For the sashing, Diane went with a simple design.  I call it the eyes and nose design, because it has 2 ovals with a square in between.  The cornerstones have squares in them as well.  I guess they could be the ears?

IMG_3490IMG_3487 IMG_3488 IMG_3489 IMG_3491

There’s not much to show as far as pictures of quilting.  The quilting was straightforward and simple (there’s only so many pictures you can see of quilted feathers before they all start looking alike).  But, I think it looks lovely on this quilt.  Don’t you?

Author: cowtownquilts

Professional longarm quilter and thread artist in the Kansas City area.