Broken Dish Full of Love

If you are a quilter, how many quilts have you given away?  And, how many have you kept?  When I first started quilting, all the quilts I’d made were given away.  Then what happens is people start asking you how many quilts you’ve made, and they want to see them.  Well, if you’ve given them all away, you can’t show anyone, can you?  At that point I started keeping the quilts I made.  Kathy’s done the same thing, given all hers away.  She’s finally reached a point where she made one to keep for herself.


This quilt pattern is called “Broken Dish.”  If it looks kind of like a fractal, or fractured pieces, that’s the broken pieces that make up the quilt.  To me, it looks like a bunch of jewels spread out.


Yes, the quilt is square.  It’s just my design wall.  I’ve got it leaning against the wall with about one foot of space between the wall at the bottom and the design wall.  So, the quilts look distorted when I take a picture of them.

Kathy chose an allover design for this, with a separate border design.  Good choice, because the quilting design would have gotten lost in it.


She wanted the quilting to be spread out, so the quilt would be more fluffy and hug-able and not weighed down with thread.  She’s hoping to sleep under it, so a lot of thread weight could smother her.  What she chose was a design with an Irish accent.  The border is quilted as a Celtic Braid.  So, she has a field of flowers with some clover tossed in there for luck.  The weird thing is that you’d think 3 and 4-leaf clovers would be simple to draw.  For whatever reason, when I was stitching them, nearly every one of them came out wonky.  I don’t know if I’d gotten used to stitching flowers with leaves and then, when it was time to toss some clover in there, my mind just didn’t get it or what.  I think I am second-guessing myself too much and I just need to stop it.  If only I had a computerized quilting system, then my quilting would be perfect.  😉


For the border, I drew out the Celtic Braid on paper and stitched through the paper.  The bad thing about stitching through paper is that you cannot see how the stitching looks as you are quilting.  So, the borders aren’t perfect either.


Finally, since it is the Broken Dish quilt pattern, what else but a broken dish should be stitched into this quilt to make it unique?  Yes, that was supposed to be a fish on the dish (rhymes), but it looks more like a chicken leg.


Kathy put the binding on, so it is now finished.  And, she finally has a quilt that she gets to keep for herself


Author: cowtownquilts

Professional longarm quilter and thread artist in the Kansas City area.