Three Gifts from Mary

I’m behind on posting; I just now got my account unlocked.  Thank you, Tech Support!

I’ve quilted 3 quilts for Mary since I last blogged.  She created these as Christmas gifts for 3 very special people Everything about this reminds me of the story of Joseph & Mary… first off the name, Mary, and then add 3 Wise Men bearing gifts.  Only this time it’s Mary bearing 3 gifts.  Okay, I know.  Not such a great correlation after all.  So, let’s get on with it.

I love Mary’s story on this first quilt.  I know there are lots of us quilters who have done this, and that’s how we end up with orphan blocks.  You get a pattern and start on a new quilt only to be distracted by something and by the time you get back to it (years later), you’ve lost the pattern and can’t remember how to put the blocks together.  Our quilt guild is having a UFO (UnFinished Object) challenge and we are all trying to get as many UFOs finished as we can.

I think this is called Tile Puzzle Quilt.  The trick (and believe me, it looks tricky WITH directions) is how and where you place each block.  Hence… the puzzle.  Here is a link for free directions on how to make this quilt and how it should look… I think.  If you’re confident, go ahead and try it and let the rest of us know the trick.  I ain’t tryin’ it!   And, here is Mary’s take on it.  Hey!  Don’t knock it!  One less UFO, one more quilt completed, and one more chance to win the UFO challenge!  They are orphan blocks no more!


This quilt screamed swirled circles to me, so that’s what I put on there.





These next two are made for two sisters who share a bedroom.  They look kind of like zippers to me, another puzzle to put together.

Mary made the first one with a pink backing.  I quilted simple swirls into it to accent the delicate pink backing.



This little girl is in Girl Scouts and loves ballet, so I added those in places she’d have to look hard to find them.


The backing fabric shows the ballet slippers a little better than the front.


The “twin” to the above quilt.


I put an allover feather design in it.


The sister who will get this one is involved with her church and also in Girl Scouts.  I quilted a cross and a Girl Scout logo in hers, but for some reason I didn’t get a picture of them.

Mary made this with a purple back.


Isn’t it cool how you can make 2 quilts that are the same pattern and have them turn out differently?  You can’t get that from a department store!  These will be unique quilts for 2 very unique girls.

Author: cowtownquilts

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