Twin Cranes

Susan inherited a lot of unfinished quilt tops and a lot more fabric and other quilting supplies from her dad and step-mother when her dad passed away.  I suspect Susan is a “finisher” and just wants all the unfinished quilt tops to be finished, useful and used.  I used to be a finisher, too, and would like to get back to that.  But, lately, the ideas have been coming in so fast I can’t keep up with them.

So, here is a set of cranes that Susan inherited.  The applique is raw-edge applique, but not even sewn onto the background fabric.  I wonder how her dad or step-mother cut out the birds with such precision.

20160816_150612-640x513  20160816_150455-640x538

This was a no-brainer for me.  I tend to draw with threads on quilts, so I basically just repeated what was already in the picture and added a few touches to make them stand out.

The birds got feathers and I added a marsh with cattails.  That big circle behind the bird’s head is supposed to be a sun or moon.



I like to take pictures with the sun coming in from the side, but I’m finding I have a problem with glare.  This next picture has that glare, but it shows the whole quilt with the quilting texture.


I didn’t get a similar shot of the other quilt.  My guess is the glare from this one scared me off.  So, here’s a shot of the marsh pond with all the tall grass around it.  I added birds flying off at the top of this one, and I didn’t get pictures of those either.  :\


These were a lot of fun to draw on and, hopefully, will look good on Susan’s walls.

Author: cowtownquilts

Professional longarm quilter and thread artist in the Kansas City area.