Forgotten Pieces

Never let yourself get so busy that you slip and forget to post pictures of your customers’ quilts.  The title is because not only did I forget to post about this, but the Bethlehem Star table topper was supposed to be a center piece of a larger quilt.  But, Charlotte didn’t get around to finishing that quilt and, over time, forgot she had this star.  Realizing she probably wasn’t going to get around to putting the star into a bigger quilt, she decided it would make a great table topper.  And, she’s right!


Charlotte likes traditional quilting, so I put feathers in the triangles and along the border and back and forth orange peel quilting inside the star.  This should go well with a snow theme, just in time for winter decor.

Christmas also brings charitable giving in many of us.  Charlotte made this quilt for an adopted boy.


To make him feel like a star, that’s what we stitched into the quilt.  And, since he’s at the age where he’s learning the alphabet and how to read, letters were stitched into the border.

My apologies for forgetting to post these earlier, Charlotte!  I need to learn not to let the holidays “interfere” with what I need to do.  😉

Author: cowtownquilts

Professional longarm quilter and thread artist in the Kansas City area.