Do you see the window panes in the blocks of Mary’s quilt?  The “window panes” are those little L shaped strips along the right and lower edges of the focus fabric in her blocks. Here’s a video with a variety of Attic Window pane quilts.

Attic Window blocks can be made several different ways. Some people use 2 different colors for the strips and connect them at the corner at a 45 degree angle, so that you have a shadow effect.  Some people make really wide window panes, so the rest of the block looks kind of sunken in, or they combine wide strips with skinnier strips.  And, some people simply sew 2 strips together to add interest to the quilt, which is what Mary did here.


Here’s a link in case you can’t see the above picture:

This military style quilt was made for Mary’s grandson.  The focus fabric has tanks, jeeps, helicopters, and other military vehicles.  I love the colors and the fabrics she chose to go with the main fabric – they give it even more of a military color scheme, imho.  You can quilt military quilts a lot of ways but, honestly, when I quilted one for my husband, it looked great with an allover meander (the cheapest quilting you can get).  The quilting looked like camouflage on his quilt, so I suggested it to Mary.  I’d asked her what kind of quilting she wanted, and at first she thought maybe stars would be good.  And, they would!  For these colors, though, I thought an allover meander would work just as well, and it would save Mary a few nickels.

For whatever reason, I am having trouble uploading pictures to my website today, so I uploaded the pictures to flickr and will use that to share them here until I can figure out the problem.

This is what the top looks like with the allover meander:

Mary said her grandson likes jeeps, so I quilted a jeep into 2 different blocks on his quilt.  You really can’t see them from the front side, as shown in the picture above.  But, you can see them on the backing fabric.

What color of thread would YOU have chosen for this quilt, and why?  Looking at the top of the quilt, I instantly thought of a military green or tan.  But, the backing fabric is a dark red with black stars.  In the end, black was chosen.  It’s a generic color that actually faded well enough into the quilt top fabric and went very well with the backing fabric.





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