Colorful Duo for Two

Back in 2013, I quilted this quilt for Jackie’s daughter; one her daughter, Kat, had pieced together for the new baby. Well, this is “part 2” of Kat’s quilts for her (now) 2 sons and grandsons of Jackie.  I’m really impressed that someone who, from what I understand, is a novice quilt maker.  She is able to put these quilts together like a pro!  They may be kits (I honestly don’t know), but the fact that she’s getting them put together so well tells me that she’s pretty darn good!  Both of Kat’s quilts are colorful.  The first one was a mix of oranges, greens, and blues.  This one has every color of the rainbow.  See how well she put together that star (with diamond shaped pieces) in the middle?  Sewing on the bias, like that, is not easy.

I love this quilt because of the colors, but also because of the solid colored fabrics.  I’m finding that I am drawn more and more to solid color fabrics.  I don’t know if it’s the simplicity of the fabric or that some fabrics can look so “busy” that the solids are relaxing to my eyes.  You can barely see the gray in the picture above, because the colors draw you in.  The colorful solids are made of plain ol’ cotton.  But, the gray fabric is an oxford shirt-type fabric.  I know there are other fabric companies making this style of fabric, but my brain is only telling me that the gray is a “Peppered Cotton”, designed by Pepper Cory for Studio E fabrics.   Gray is the color thread that Kat chose for the quilting – good choice, you can barely see it.  I think Jackie was concerned that the gray fabric might make it difficult to quilt, due to the stretch.  But, it quilted up nicely, just like the other cottons.

The quilting on this quilt is similar to Kat’s other son’s quilt, but this one has circles stitched in between the bigger swirls…and silly baby faces hidden in the stitching.


You might be able to see the gray fabric a little clearer with this next picture.

More of an overall effect…

What do you think?  What is your favorite kind(s) and color(s) of fabric?

Author: cowtownquilts

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