Sports Cards

I haven’t yet given this quilt back to Mary, but you know how I blog in spurts.  I didn’t want to forget about her quilt by the next time I get around to blogging.  The blocks on this quilt are the Card Trick Quilt Blocks, in this case, I’d call them Sports Cards.  😉 You can find the pattern here.

With the bright colors on this quilt, I didn’t see the need for quilting to compete with the vibrant colors. So, I did an Edge-to-Edge on Mary’s quilt.  What to put on there, though?  Mary’s grandson is into sports, all kinds of sports, the reason for the focus fabric.  I knew I was going to put different kinds of balls on this quilt.  But, how should I tie them together? It needed movement to go with moving sports balls, and to also kind of hide them so you’d have to look for them.


Is this next ball an old fashioned soccer ball?  Or, is it a volleyball?  What do you think?

Finally, I put a hockey puck and two sticks in this quilt, because I’ve heard that we have a new hockey rink coming to this area sometime soon.  I wonder if he will find this in his quilt…

I think he’s going to love this vibrant quilt that his grandmother made especially for him.  Don’t you?

Author: cowtownquilts

Professional longarm quilter and thread artist in the Kansas City area.