Spider Webs for Nikki

If this looks familiar, you’ve probably seen other modern quilts that resemble it, such as the one quilted by Angela Walters.   This was going to be an autumn quilt for Nikki.  Much of the fabric in this quilt is linen, so it has a really nice texture feel.

Nikki had embroidered several spiders on her quilt, so to play that up, I quilted spider webs into the colored strips parts of the blocks and threw a couple of “caught bugs” in there, too.

If you know Nikki, you know she is from Arkansas and a Razorback fan.  Soooo…. why not throw a pig into a web, too?

For the solid color part of the blocks, Nikki wanted the ceiling tile look that Angela Walters and others have quilted into their Spider Web quilts.

I really enjoyed quilting this for Nikki!  The wonky spider web strip blocks made it easy to disguise the mistakes I’d made.  Plus, Nikki was brave (braver than me – I’m always scared for my quilting to show on others’ quilts) and chose a bold thread color choice.  This happened to be from a cone of thread I had won in a class I’d taken with Karen McTavish.  This is one of her designer threads for Fil-Tec; Glide #80125 Honey Gold.  And, it passed from Karen’s hand to my hand into Nikki’s quilt.  Glide has a shimmer to it, which some may or may not notice.  A lot of my customers don’t like the shimmer, so it was nice to use this thread, especially this specific thread from Karen, for a change.

Author: cowtownquilts

Professional longarm quilter and thread artist in the Kansas City area.