Stars and Stripes Forever

Mary has always been an easy one to quilt for, and this quilt was no exception.  Isn’t this an awesome looking quilt?  This is for her grandson.  It may look like the stripes are just strips, but they are pieced.  The stars on the top (where I’m guessing it will rest on a pillow) are appliqued down.  She let her grandson place the stars where he wanted them.  Isn’t that cool?  I don’t know that I would have thought to do that.  But, it gets the receiver of the quilt gift involved and more excited about getting the quilt, I think.

I asked Mary what her grandson likes, trying to get a feel for what to quilt on this quilt and also some surprises I could sneak into it.  She said he’s in to everything, Boy Scouts, drama, karate, etc.  I could have done custom quilting on this quilt, but, really, why?  Looking back, though, I think I probably should have just quilted waves straight across this quilt.  My best ideas always seem to come AFTER I’m done with the quilt.  :\   You know what, though?  That probably wouldn’t have looked the best on the blue part, so having 2 separate designs would have made it custom and not an Edge-to-Edge.  Oh well!  So, this is what I did.  I used a red, white, and blue thread.

And, then I added to it…

Maybe you can see it better from the back…

Bet you didn’t expect the back to be green, did you?  It’s actually kind of cool (for me) to look at the quilting from the back side on this quilt.  What do you think?

Author: cowtownquilts

Professional longarm quilter and thread artist in the Kansas City area.