Lucky Stars

Quilting an Heirloom

Jennifer inherited this quilt top her grandmother had made.  It needed to be finished so she could put it on a bed for showing off.   The question was how to quilt it.  First off, in my humble opinion, you can put any kind of quilting into an heirloom quilt, and I can pretty much guarantee that you will enjoy it a lot better than if it were left as a mere quilt top.  So, here it is, finished.  My hope is that Jennifer now has it resting on a bed in her home.


As for the quilting, Jennifer decided on an allover, edge-to-edge design.  She wanted the quilt blocks and the quilt top to speak for themselves and not be overpowered by the quilting.  I did put flowers in the green fabric in the middle of the Dresden Plates.



I know Jennifer’s grandmother put a lot of love in this quilt, and if Jennifer wraps herself in this quilt, she will feel her grandmother hug her with that love.


Nancy’s quilt

This is a different style quilt than what Nancy usually does.  She wasn’t sure she liked it, but I am proud of her for stepping outside of her box.  She does that expand her horizons and to learn new things.  And, I think she did an excellent job of pulling all the colors together on this one.  Don’t you?


It looks kind of like a disappearing 9-patch to me.  What do you think?

This quilt was an easy one to quilt an allover edge-to-edge design on it, which is also easy on the quilt maker’s budget.  The question was what to stitch into it.  Just about anything would go with this, but what would Nancy like?  She lets me choose, and I worry about what to pick for her, so I settled on flowers and leaves.  Everyone has had such a bad winter in the USA this year, except for us, but I still figured the promise of spring would be okay for this quilt.

IMG_2276 IMG_2278

I snuck a butterfly into the quilt in the first picture, but I wish I had done a better job on it.  To me it looks like a bow.  Nancy is trying to use up her fabric (another reason for this quilt) as well as her batting, and I’d say she did a good job of it with this quilt.  Wouldn’t you?