Merry Christmas, from Mom


Lori brought this quilt to me with the sad news that she and her mother had made matching quilts together, a Christmas Tree quilt, and that her mother had passed on a couple of years before. Lori decided to get her quilt quilted and finished once and for all.

Her sister had gotten her mom’s quilt like this when her mom passed, but Lori had pictures of it.  She wanted her quilt quilted just like her mom’s.  Well, you know if you have a different quilter, it’s not going to be exactly like another’s quilting,but I tried my best.  Her mom’s quilt had gifts quilted under the tree, and the rest of the quilt had swirls, snowflakes, and the hearts on the tree embellished with quilting.  All of this was done with gold metallic thread.

Some folks are afraid to sew or quilt with metallic thread, but, actually, it was fairly easy.  I used Superior’s Metallic Thread, which probably IS superior.  😉  One thing I did learn from using metallic thread is that after awhile it would get hot and melt, thus breaking the thread.  I had to stop about every 2 hours to allow the thread to cool back down.  Yes, I used a different thread in the bobbin, and yes, I know if you stop every 2 hours that it cuts into business time (time is money).  But, as you know from my previous post, this was actually a blessing for me, because it forced me to take a break (I tend to push myself too hard without taking breaks to rest, to eat, etc.).

My attempt to quilt snowflakes and wind blowing into Lori’s quilt was a lesson in itself.  Sometimes less is more.  I was trying to make the snowflakes “fancy” but I found out the simpler to quilt snowflakes looked better than the “fancy” ones.

IMG_3235 IMG_3236

You can see in the following pictures more snowflakes, and you can also see where I tried to dress up the hearts, but didn’t do them justice.

IMG_3238 IMG_3239

I also tried to make it look like the tree had garland and bows wrapped around it as well.


Asking me to quilt like someone else makes me nervous, I’ve learned, and I tend to do a worse job at the quilting.

To make this quilt special for Lori, I added name tags to the gifts to and from her mom, her sister, and Lori.

IMG_3230 IMG_3231 IMG_3232 IMG_3233 IMG_3234

Looking back on this quilt, I did a less than stellar job of quilting, but I think Lori did a super job of putting it together!

Cynthia’s QOV quilt

I have 2 other posts started, but I have not had time to work on them, and I really want to show you some of my customer’s quilts.  They are doing such a phenomenal job on their quilts.  So, let’s start with Cynthia’s quilt.   Here is the whole quilt.  Just half square triangles sewn together, but what a great pattern she made with them! IMG_2320

Cynthia wanted an allover design quilted into the body of the quilt with a separate border, which was perfect for this quilt, because the border is a fairly solid color and quilting wouldn’t show too much in the body of this quilt.  This is semi-custom quilting, and it is a great, reasonably priced option for many quilts.  Here are some close-ups of the allover, edge-to-edge quilting done in the body of the quilt. I quilted loops, swirls and stars into this section.

IMG_2310 IMG_2311

Edge-to-edge designs make it easy for me to slip a surprise into the quilt, since about 98% of the quilting I do is freehand.  I quilted the recipients name into the middle of the quilt and I added Cynthia’s name in the lower right corner.


As for the borders, Cynthia wanted feathers in them.  Feathers are done free-hand, so they take less time to quilt than anything with ruler work, such as piano keys… well, for me at least.

IMG_2308 IMG_2309

I really like her quilt, and I hope the receiver likes it, too!