Pinwheels that Pop

See what I mean about Pinwheels that POP?  Lately, I find that I am loving bright colors and solids or near-solids.  The bright colors of the pinwheels on this quilt “pop” against the black background.  I don’t know what pattern this is.  It’s an interesting, and nice, mixture of pinwheels and matching colored half-square triangles put together to contrast against the pinwheels.

In my humble opinion, you can’t do custom quilting on this quilt.  First off, it would kill the playfulness of the quilt.  Secondly, you wouldn’t really see the quilting anyway.  So, an Edge-to-Edge… but what design?  It’s for a 3-year-old who will grow with this quilt.  Shouldn’t put something too babyish on it because she is already growing out of that stage.  I thought and thought and thought and finally settled on something akin to spirals, to symbolize blowing wind, but a little different from anything I’ve done for Mary so far.

Also, one of the reasons I decided on hooked spirals is that it would be easy to hide some animal heads within the spirals.  Well… if the colorful variegated thread will cooperate…

What a fun quilt!  I am sure the little girl who receives this will love it and the maker of the quilt (Mary) for years to come!

Stars and Stripes Forever

Mary has always been an easy one to quilt for, and this quilt was no exception.  Isn’t this an awesome looking quilt?  This is for her grandson.  It may look like the stripes are just strips, but they are pieced.  The stars on the top (where I’m guessing it will rest on a pillow) are appliqued down.  She let her grandson place the stars where he wanted them.  Isn’t that cool?  I don’t know that I would have thought to do that.  But, it gets the receiver of the quilt gift involved and more excited about getting the quilt, I think.

I asked Mary what her grandson likes, trying to get a feel for what to quilt on this quilt and also some surprises I could sneak into it.  She said he’s in to everything, Boy Scouts, drama, karate, etc.  I could have done custom quilting on this quilt, but, really, why?  Looking back, though, I think I probably should have just quilted waves straight across this quilt.  My best ideas always seem to come AFTER I’m done with the quilt.  :\   You know what, though?  That probably wouldn’t have looked the best on the blue part, so having 2 separate designs would have made it custom and not an Edge-to-Edge.  Oh well!  So, this is what I did.  I used a red, white, and blue thread.

And, then I added to it…

Maybe you can see it better from the back…

Bet you didn’t expect the back to be green, did you?  It’s actually kind of cool (for me) to look at the quilting from the back side on this quilt.  What do you think?

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

I’ve am way behind on posting pictures of my customers’ quilts.  You can guess the reason by the title of this post.  So, I will start where I left off way back when (before the Jaftex Blog Hop) with Claudia’s Vintage Green quilt.


To me, it is similar to her Vintage Red quilt, except she wanted it quilted like I’d done for her friend Marianne.  As you can see, there are lots of feathers, but they are in a pinwheel style, which I think does a great job of matching with some of the blocks that look like they are swirling, too.

IMG_2702  IMG_2703 IMG_2704 IMG_2706

I think the pictures speak for themselves, so I will leave you with that.  Claudia does a great job of piecing, so she really does make my job a lot easier!


Snowflakes for Nancy

I’ve been negligent in posting lately.  This quilt for Nancy was finished in January.  I wasn’t sure what to stitch on this quilt until I looked closely at the fabric.  Here it was January, when we are supposed to have snow, and the weather was nearly balmy compared to the rest of the country.  This has been a bitter winter for many in the northeastern U.S.  And, flooding has engulfed the west coast.  The upper Midwest has seen brutally cold temperatures and the south has had more than their fair share of ice and cold temperatures.  But, here in the Kansas City area, we have had it mild, comparatively.

So, looking at the batik fabric Nancy had in the borders made me think this should be a winter quilt.  She has it interspersed throughout her quilt and on the the back, too.  Do you see the subtle snowflakes in the fabric?

IMG_2167  IMG_2160

I filled the outer border and sashing with swirls, and the circles in the inner border were supposed to resemble snowballs, but they ended up more square than round.

The blocks themselves got snowflakes stitched into them.

IMG_2161 IMG_2163

She added 3 stripes to the backing fabric.  The rest of it is white.


And, here’s a full shot of the front.  Can you tell she likes purple, blue and yellow (GREAT colors together!)?


Marianne’s 30s Repro

That’s the thing I like about Marianne… that she is trying all sorts of techniques and styles.  She’s not boxing herself into one particular style of quilts and is trying whatever she can to expand her repertoire.  She reminds me of me.  I like all sorts of quilts and no one style in particular sticks with me… well… other than whimsical quilts, that is.

So, here is Marianne’s latest.  It was a Block of the Month (BOM) quilt, full of 1930s reproduction fabrics.


Marianne wanted feathers all over her quilt, and not your run-of-the-mill feather wreaths.  The quilt hanging at the store had feathers quilted similar to this, and that’s what she wanted.  I didn’t quilt it exactly like what they had at the store, but it’s close.  It looks kind of like a pin-wheel, doesn’t it?


The picture of the quilting she wanted looked like flowers, so I did that in the colored blocks and in the borders.


It’s that center circle that makes it looks like a flower.  So, this is where I snuck in smiley faces, but I needed to put them some place where you wouldn’t find them unless you were looking hard.  Look closely at the next picture.  The smiley face is in the middle of the “flower.”  You can barely see it in this one, and that’s the idea… for the quilting to be personal for the quilt-maker, but not over-powering the quilt blocks and the quilt itself.


Here’s a shot of the corner.


I haven’t been asked to quilt feathers on many quilts, so this was fun to quilt.  This next quilt I’m quilting has lots of feathers on it, too.  Hope you enjoyed this fun quilt!