How to prepare a top for quilting

Quilt Top: Mark the top of the quilt with a safety pin.  Square the corners, making sure the quilt lies flat with straight edges.  Make sure seams are at least ¼” and press (seams pressed open are best).  Trim loose threads.  If quilt is a light color, threads from the back will show through.

Backing & Batting: if provided by you, both must be 6-10 inches larger than the top.  If pieced, seams for backing work best if they run horizontal to the top and bottom of quilt and must be sewn with ½” seam pressed open with selvedges removed.  You can leave the selvedge on the top & bottom of the backing as long as those edges are even and the corners are square.  Batting must be high quality to make it through the rollers without shredding.

Embellishments: Wait until your quilt is quilted before adding embellishments.