Welcome to Cowtown Quilts, where we run with the cows. 

Hopefully you have come here because you like quilts and quilting.  I am a professional, full-service, long-arm quilter who does the quilting for others.  Services I provide span the entire quilting range; from simple all over designs for the budget-minded to custom, heirloom and show-quality for the person who would like his or her quilt to have more complicated designs.  I also love making T-Shirt quilts!

Quilting Schedule

I am booked until October 19, 2015.  If you would like for me to quilt for you, you do not need to have your quilt top finished.  I can go ahead and add your name to the queue and will contact you when I am almost ready for your quilt.  If your quilt top is not ready when it is your turn, I will simply move on to the next person in line.  You will remain at the top of the list until I finish your quilt.  The only request I have for this policy is that you will have your quilt top ready within three months – this makes it a little more fair for others who are also in the queue or are wanting their quilt finished on a deadline.  And, it makes it easier for me to plan.  Thank you for considering me for your quilting projects and heirlooms!

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