About Me

Hey! This is me^, Ida Houston. I am married with 2 adult daughters, 2 dogs and 2 cats… meaning I care deeply about people and animals. I try to reach and help others through my work.

I started making quilts in 2002. Before that time, I was dabbling with quilt-making by using blocks to make throw pillows and table runners. Those little tidbit quilts had me hooked! From there I evolved into making bed-sized quilts and then to machine quilting for others. I’m not as precise as I’d like to be with quilt piecing, so I figure my niche is probably the machine quilting part of it. But, I love it all!

I have quilted for hire in the past and hope to get back to it again, but that may be awhile.

YES! I can digitize your quilting designs for you! Contact me!