The Reveal

So, “the reveal” of the raffle quilt was today.  That means I can share pictures of the finished product.  I’ve given you a couple of tastes of it before, but here is the whole thing.

raffle quilt 003

And, here are a few close ups.  The fans at the top in the pillow topper are hand appliqued with embroidery added.  There is taupe piping along the edge of the big kimono block/medallion in the center to go along with the thinner taupe colored inside border.  I learned from quilter Cathy Wiggins that you should repeat your colors or fabrics elsewhere within your quilt, so you should have them 2 or more times.   I was trying to pick up the taupe in the outer border fabric, so that’s how I wound up with the inner border and then the piping.  You might notice several different fabrics for a scrappy look. I saw that outer border and knew it would be the basis of the quilt, so I pulled as many indigo fabrics as I could find that would go with it.  And, of course I needed to pull that rose color in from the border fabric as well, so that’s how I wound up with the fabric for the Kanji and sleeves of a couple of kimonos (cream background with cherry blossoms).   A lot of these fabrics are Kona Bay fabrics ( that I bought from the a local quilt store, Quilter’s Haven (, in Olathe, Kansas.  They have quite the variety of Asian fabrics.

raffle quilt 008 raffle quilt 010 raffle quilt 013 raffle quilt 014  raffle quilt 028raffle quilt 018 raffle quilt 027

The appliqued Kanji symbols say “Health, Weath, & Happiness.”  So, that is what the quilt is named.   Putting this quilt together was quick.  What seemed to take forever was the quilting.  In an earlier post I demonstrated a couple of strategies I used for marking designs onto it.  There are lots of ways to mark for quilting.  Quilters like to say, “If you can draw it, you can quilt it.”  Of course, I like to say, “If you can trace a design from a Dover copyright-free book, you have a quilting design.”  I got the designs for the motifs on the kimonos from a couple of Dover clip art books.  If you know anything at all about me, you know I like to sneak fun stuff into my quilting, so I have lots of Dover books in my stash to use for ideas.

Hope you enjoyed the “quilt” show!

Sneak Peak

I haven’t been posting too much lately, because I’ve been up to something…  I am making the Opportunity Quilt for one of  my quilt guilds for 2013, and other than taking care of necessary life requirements, I have been working diligently on this quilt.  I can’t let anyone see the completed quilt until its unveiling at the guild meeting in either December or January.  But, I can give you a sneak peak so you can see what I’ve been working on.


Can you tell what kind of quilt it is going to be?  I mean, what “style” is it going to be?  This/these has/have been appliqued and then embroidered.  There are 4 of these that will go at the top of a bed quilt, where the pillows are tucked under.  Here’s another one…


The rest of the quilt is already pieced together.  I just need to add these to the top and then layer the “quilt sandwich” of backing, batting, and top and then quilt it.  I will give you a peak of the quilting later.

What have YOU been up to?