Stack ‘n Whack

Finally got this customer quilt finished after a dryer crisis and being sick 2 days last week…  Beth made this Stack ‘n Whack quilt and is giving it to her brother for Christmas.  She wanted feathers (for those of you who are not quilters, they are the paisley/heart/half-heart shaped designs stitched into the quilt) all over it with the background filled in with stippling, which is a tight meander.  What do you think?

Beth's quilt 010

This is the “before.”

Dryer and Beth Matthews 003

And, this is after I turned the quilt on the frame and did some quilting.

Beth's quilt 001

Here’s another angle so you can see more.

Beth's quilt 003

And, a close-up of one of the Stack ‘n Whack blocks… Stack ‘n Whack is basically fussy cutting fabric so that those triangles all look the same.  You stack the fabric so that the copies are all on top of one another and then whack (cut) it.  Or… you can do it other ways which I will let you research on your own…

Beth's quilt 004

Quilting between the “stacks”

Beth's quilt 006

I think Beth did a superb job of picking out the color of thread.  You can’t tell it here, but she chose a sage green to “pop” off the background sueded blue fabric, and it also went well with her stacks, borders, and backing fabric.  I was really impressed that she knew exactly what she wanted when we first discussed this quilt.   I think she did a great job on it and hope she likes the quilting I’ve done for her.