A “Royal” Occasion

For those of you who don’t know, I live in the Kansas City area.  The Kansas City Royals have been batting to make it into the World Series.  And, tomorrow night they play the San Francisco Giants – of course, I am hoping for another “Royal” win.  For whatever reason, this quilt made me think of the Royals.


Okay, maybe it’s really a “pitch” for the Pittsburg Steelers (different team, different game, and on the other side of the country), but it’s cool nonetheless.  If for no other reason than it is blue – cool color, but also the color of the Kansas City Royals.  😀

Nancy always tells me to quilt what ever I like, but I knew she wanted a piano key border.  I should have just stayed with the piano key but felt compelled to embellish it somehow, so the piano key became a bead-board with lace.  I think I would have been more precise with a simple piano key border.


I could have quilted feathers all over this, but I work at adding variety to quilting.  And, since she wanted straight-line quilting in the borders, I needed to think of something else to compliment the borders.  So, I came up with this for the insides of the blocks.  It looks kind of regal, don’t you think?


I love Nancy’s choices of colors for her quilts.  This one is no less stunning than any of her others.  The different shades of blues, yellows, and whites really pop on this quilt.