Bears for the Baby

Isn’t this a cute baby quilt?

Leanne's baby quilt 005

I haven’t had the chance to work on a baby quilt in awhile, so I think I was taken aback when I first got this one from Leanne.  It’s adorable, so how could I possibly add anything to this to make it even cuter?  Hmm…  Well, first off you see the stuffed animals.  Can’t you just see a toddler with its thumb in its mouth and holding onto this quilt by the toes of one of those critters?  ADORABLE!!!

Then I noticed the pinwheel blocks and thought I could add pinwheel sticks to the blocks and bears holding onto the sticks of the pinwheels.  So, that is what I did.  The zig zags on the pinwheel blocks are supposed to resemble wind blowing.  The quilting didn’t turn out as cute as I thought it would, but Leanne didn’t seem to mind…  😉

Leanne's baby quilt 006 Leanne's baby quilt 007 Leanne's baby quilt 008