Quilter Blogs

Have you heard of the website called “Quilter Blogs”?  With all the web surfing I do, looking for good quilting scoop, I don’t know how I missed them before, but I did.  Head on over to their website to see what quilters are talking about at http://www.quilterblogs.com/.  Their sister site, Quilter’s Daily Special, offers special deals and codes for deals that quilters want.  You can find them at http://www.quiltersdailyspecial.com/daily-deal/.  This site is also where I found out about a fabric website that finds fabric for you via links to other websites.   If you are making something and are down to the wire and then find that you are short on a fabric, you can go here and do a search for it – http://www.findmyfabric.com/.   If you are a quilter or a fabricaholic, you will love each of these sites.  Have fun!