Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum is a small museum in downtown Golden, Colorado which housed around 15 – 20 quilts when we visited there a few days ago.  All the quilts were from the 1800s and were from a collection of ONE person.  So, let’s take a peek at what I got to see.

The entrance looks quaint, doesn’t it?



Just a few of the quilts along with a close up of the quilting…

This one was my daughter’s favorite of the bunch.


This one looks like it should be Native American.  I think the stripes in the strips/logs is what makes it look like a Native American quilt to me.

The strips/logs were about 1/4″ to 1/2″ inch wide.  Lots of work there!

Do you know what this design is called?

All quilting was hand stitched.