What’s for lunch?

Ever have one of those days where you open and close the refrigerator door again and again, hoping that something good to eat will magically appear the next time you open it? <sigh> Yes, that happened to me yesterday. The Dutch Apple Pie from the night before was calling to me, and I couldn’t see beyond that. Problem is, it’s easy to “prepare” it to eat. It’s done! No preparation required… the problem with dieting and trying to eat healthy.

So, as I was trying to convince myself to eat something healthy, my pea brain starting thinking, “Wait! Apples are healthy! And, that crust is made from wheat.” Hmm… that covers the fruit/vegetable and grain food groups. And, we always need to eat more fruits and vegetables. “Nah. I really should look for something better for me.” But my brain and stomach were trying to convince me that it WAS good for me, especially since I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. “Okay,” I happily resigned.

Now I needed some meat or protein. Nothing good in that fridge! Well, nothing was popping out at me. I reasoned that since I was eating pie for lunch, a PayDay candy bar couldn’t be that bad. After all, there are nuts in it! There’s my protein. Okay, what about the dairy group? I could have a glass of milk.

By the time I dished out the pie, I decided that ice cream with pie would qualify for the dairy group. And, who wouldn’t like to top it off with a PayDay? I’d drink healthy water with it and vowed to eat better at supper time. Sometimes you’ve just gotta play and have a PayDay.

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