Wonders of magnets

I have a magnetic bracelet that my sister gave me to wear for a troublesome wrist.  Surely you’ve heard the stories of how these bracelets are supposed to help ailments, aches, and pains.  Well, magnets are also well known for attracting metals.

Here you can see that magnetic bracelets can help “attract” loose pins.


Now that can be a bad thing, if you are not careful, because you can get stuck.  But… it can also be a good thing; handy for picking up pins without having to stop and get your magnetic bowl.  You be the judge… Good thing?  Or, bad thing?

2 thoughts on “Wonders of magnets

  1. With my luck with sharp objects lately, that would be a really dangerous thing for me! I’ve had both a foot injury and rotary cutter mishap within the past week. Sharp things flying out of the pin bowl at me is the last thing I need!


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