Which is it? Square peg in round hole? Or round peg in square hole?

Jackie and Wilma have been so gracious lately to let me quilt their quilts and they seem thrilled when they see them.  I  don’t see what they see.  Can you tell me?  Here is Jackie’s daughter’s quilt… Kat’s quilt.  I love the bright solids in this quilt, don’t you?  Lots of squares, so it kind of reminds me of a city block… for whatever reason…

J&W 012a

Jackie wanted something round quilted onto it, to balance the squares and chose the following quilting design.   We used light orange thread on this, a good choice, imho.  Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain mess behind the quilt.  Yes, I work in an unfinished gray dungeon.  Quilts like this make my work so much brighter.  🙂

J&W 002

Here’s a shot of the finished product “relaxing” on the table.  Yes, I let the quilts relax overnight, so that the fabric that was stretched on the frame can relax, the batting can “breathe,” and the stitches can snuggle down into the quilt.  That way I can check the next day to see if I missed any spots or if I need to add more stitching or fix something.

J&W 006

And, here’s a shot of the back.  Wasn’t Kat creative in putting this group of blocks into the solid back panel?  I know a lot of people are doing that, but I thought this one was extra cool.  I loaded the quilt sideways so the top and bottom were on the sides of the frames.  This row of blocks was near the bottom of the frame.  I now wish I had loaded this side at the top, so it would be just a little farther from the side edge.  Lesson learned!

J&W 004

In any case, Jackie was happy with the finished product, when I gave it to her today.  She is such a dear for being thrilled.  And, yes, I know that sounds silly, too, but when others are happy, it makes me happy.  I wonder if/when Jackie or Kat will notice the Smiley Face my evil twin snuck into the quilting…

J&W 017

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