Cute Quilts for Kids

Martingale has asked me to review a few books for them, so I will be doing a series of book reviews in the near future.  This first review is for a book by Kristin Roylance called Cute Quilts for Kids.

I don’t have any little kids at home anymore and no grandkids to make these for, but as a former teacher, I can tell you that this book of kids quilts will tickle your fingers.  Kristin not only does a good job of spelling out simple directions for beginning quilt makers, but she also adds cute 3-D touchy-feely things to the quilts that little kids will love.  But, not to worry… the added embellishments are sewn down very well OR they are meant to be removed and reattached with Velcro.  Check out this butterfly quilt with the ruffled butterfly wings.  Can’t you imagine a little girl sucking her fingers on one hand and the other hand fiddling with the ruffled wings while she sleepy-eyed cuddles with this quilt?

Or this quilt…  I can even imagine it sitting on a table or used for a picnic.

Check this one out for little boys… too cute!

For a list of quilts inside, the table of contents will give you a clue.

And, check out more of the quilts on the back cover.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make Prairie Points, she shows you how in the dinosaur quilt.  Personally, I think the sailboat quilt is my favorite.  I love the rick rack and the chenille fabric (for waves) she used around the borders and the 3-D flags on the boats.

Many thanks to Martingale and their photographer, Brent Kane, for the pictures above and the book to review – LOTS of fun in this book!  You can buy this book directly from Martingale here  or you can get an autographed copy of her Kristin’s book at her website here.

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