Kitchen Stitches

Last week I reviewed Martingale’s Cute Quilts for Kids.  This week I will be showing you some of Kitchen Stitches, which was compiled by Karen M. Burns.

I don’t know about you, but where I live the quilters here get together to sew and socialize a lot, and it seems to revolve around food.  So, when Martingale asked me to review this book, I thought this would be a good book for all of us to have in our own libraries.

The cover shows the French Farmhouse Chef patterns to carry bread, a pattern to wrap your bread to keep it warm after you’ve cut it, and an apron that resembles a feed sack.  Take all that to this bistro table (below) with the cute tablecloth and matching fork napkins and you’ve got yourself an Italian Dinner.  Mouth watering yet?

This tea cozy with matching place mats would be so cute when you’re all gathered around the kitchen, taking a break from quilting, don’t you think?

And, look at this coupon keeper.  It looks like you could also get ideas for making your own purse with this pattern.  An added bonus with this book…

As I looked through this book, my eyes widened with oohs and ahhs and the satisfaction that somebody finally thought of this!  Not only did I find cute pot holders, pan handle holders, place mats, napkins, and coasters,  I also found cozies for tea, casseroles and a crock pot.  Aside from the apron on the cover, there is one made from an up-cycled shirt – cool!  And, there are kitchen decor items to spice up your kitchen.  I’m so glad it is part of my library now!

You can get your own copy of Kitchen Stitches at Martingale’s website here or at for your Kindle at Amazon.

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