Quilt Catch Up

As those of you who have blogs know, blogging takes time.  I know that is why I haven’t gotten around to posting pictures of customer quilts I have worked on in the last month.  I will try to share a lot of pictures in this post and write just enough for you to get the info on these quilts.  I have to tell you that I have not snuck any surprises into any of these quilts.  I think my mind’s battle with itself scared me from adding any more surprises into other people’s quilts.  Here goes…

First off is Cindi’s quilt for her niece.  I love her color choices!  And, I was so happy to finally get to use some pink thread! She wanted the baby’s name quilted into the quilt, so we did that with a darker color.

IMG_1461 (2) IMG_1464

Next is Nancy’s quilt – her colors are soothing and go together so well.  Nancy gave me free range, so I decided to quilt feathers all over in the background white and make tulip  petals in the log cabin blocks with a matching thread.

IMG_1480 (2)  IMG_1485

Marianne made a quilt using jelly rolls.  She wanted a simple swirl with the color names quilted into the middle of the colors.  I love how she made an otherwise simple jelly roll quilt look like it was a lot of work – I imagine it was!

IMG_1498 (2) IMG_1503

This next one is Leslie’s first quilt.  Can you believe it?  I thought she did an awesome job of piecing all those little squares together and getting them to match up.  I have to admit that while quilting this quilt, I fell in love the with colors and have decided that I MUST make a black and rust quilt for myself (add it to the list).

IMG_1512 (2)  IMG_1522

And, here is Charlotte’s quilt for her grandson.  The critters are made with minky fabric, so they are soft and enticing for a baby.  We decided to just stitch in the ditch around the pinwheels and cornerstone blocks, echo around the animals, and quilt swirls to look like blowing wind near the pinwheels.

IMG_1535 (2) IMG_1537

Do you have a favorite from any of these?

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