Diamonds & Roses

My client, Nancy, likes to give her quilts to me and let me quilt whatever I want on them.  Personally, I get nervous about putting whatever I want on another person’s quilt, because you never know how she or he will react of if she or he will even like it.  But, she’s a trooper and a sweetheart for liking what I have done so far.  Her latest quilt was made with diamond blocks. It’s quite striking, don’t you think?


But how on earth would you quilt it?  I decided that since diamonds are a girl’s best friend, roses must be the next best thing.  So, why not quilt some roses inside those diamonds?


In the border I quilted roses and leaves.


Here is the backside, where you can see the quilting better.


A lot of people would have just quilted an allover edge 2 edge design on this, but for some reason I thought those white diamonds in the middle really needed something. How about you?  What would you have done and how would you have quilted this quilt with diamonds?

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