Disclaimer: I did not make these rules.

refrigerator 001

Rules of the refrigerator

  1. Do not put anything on The Rule Maker’s side area of the refrigerator.  His area includes the shelf where the blue pitcher resides.  If you put stuff on that shelf, it will be removed by The Rule Maker, regardless of the fact that the area under the ice maker houses only Spicy V-8 (because that’s where it goes) and the rest of the refrigerator is crammed full.
  2. The only thing the large glass bowl with the blue lid sitting under the milk is allowed to be used for is The Rule Maker’s Famous Salsa.  No.  Matter.  What!  Do not try to sneak a use for it with something else; this will upset the goodwill of The Salsa Bowl’s master to the point where he will be pacing in circles near the refrigerator and will eventually find another container for the perpetrator substance and will replace it with The Rule Maker’s Famous Salsa.  The Salsa Bowl will always live in the spot where it is in this picture.  If we have too much milk, no matter.  It can find another place or rest on top of The Salsa Bowl.  If there is room elsewhere in the refrigerator, something else can go there, but The Salsa Bowl cannot.  
  3. Do not poke fun at The Rule Maker or the rules of the refrigerator or His rules.  This will lead to an unpleasant ending. 

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