/fəˈnētō/Adjective; meaning “Finished.”
I am finally done with the quilt.  Frida, my longarm quilting machine, is taking a much needed rest before I can go back and check the timing on her; a task I never look forward to doing.  You need a micro-magnifying glass to do it, and I can’t see squat anyhow.  So… I am working on Home Improvement projects this week and will get around to “massaging” Frida and giving her a check-up when I am done with the other things I’ve been neglecting around my house. 
In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures of the customer quilt I just finished. 
WJ 3 008
A close-up of the lanterns…
WJ 3 011
And, the various handicapped and overweight insects…
WJ 3 007 WJ 3 006 WJ 3 005 WJ 3 002 WJ 3 003  WJ 3 001
Of course, all I could think to put on the leaves were inchworms, so I snuck a couple of animals peeking over the leaves.
WJ 3 004


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