Are you ready for Christmas?

Now is the time to get those Christmas quilt tops to your quilter.  Soon enough all quilters for hire will have a waiting list and you will risk not getting your quilt back on time if you don’t get it to them soon.  I know it’s early to be thinking about Christmas, but if you have a special person in mind that you would love to gift a quilt to, now is the time to get that quilt done and get it to your quilter.  You might even check to make sure he or she will be able to get to yours in time for Christmas.  So, are you ready?

I have had a lot of fun the last couple of weeks working on Elaine’s quilts.  Working on these quilts has helped to get me into gear for Christmas and thinking about gifts, etc.  Wait ’til you see these quilts!  My jaw literally dropped when I opened the package sent via USPS.  I have always loved embroidery.  It brings back such comforting memories of my mom.  So, that was a double blessing with these quilts.

We will start with her “Merry Little Christmas” quilt.  Here’s a shot of it in its entirety, and then I’ll add close-ups of different areas.

Elaine's 2 quilts 003


Center medallion – isn’t it cute?

Elaine's 2 quilts 006

top center

Elaine's 2 quilts 005

bottom center – she had gifts with tags on them to a couple of people, so I quilted a gift with a tag “from” her

Elaine's 2 quilts 007

And a few more “I Spy” quilted surprises.  I usually hang customer quilts on my design wall, but it was so dark down there today, I decided to bring them upstairs and hang them in front of the mantle.  There is a window on either side, so the quilting really catches the shadows across the quilts.  My quilting doesn’t usually show up this well.  🙂  I may have to use this strategy again.

Elaine's 2 quilts 010 Elaine's 2 quilts 009 Elaine's 2 quilts 008

Elaine’s other quilt is appropriately named “Over the River and Through the Woods.”  Here’s a shot of the entire quilt.  Not only does Elaine do wonderful embroidery work, she also does a great job of piecing her quilts.  I am so glad I ?specialize? in quilting, because my piecing leaves a lot to be desired.  :\

Elaine's 2 quilts 013

Row by row, so you can see the pictures embroidered by Elaine.

Elaine's 2 quilts 015 Elaine's 2 quilts 016

And, some close-ups of the top row…

Elaine's 2 quilts 017 Elaine's 2 quilts 018

Middle area(s)…

Elaine's 2 quilts 026 Elaine's 2 quilts 027

And bottom row…

Elaine's 2 quilts 022 Elaine's 2 quilts 025

Those 2 lines sloping down to the barn in the picture on the left are supposed to be sled tracks.  Can you see the stick skier coming down the hill in the picture on the right?  I had too much fun drooling doodling on these quilts!  And, Elaine was a sweetheart for letting me!

8 thoughts on “Are you ready for Christmas?

  1. Oh I can’t wait to see them in person. You went beyond my expectations with your quilting. Love all the pictures. Thank you again!


  2. The embroidered quilts are beautiful! But … your beautiful and creative quilting just made them pop! Thanks for yesterday…add all that to my want to do list of inspirations! Beckie


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