Shelves for Thread from Salvaged Wood

Remember that fence my sister and I tore down in  this post?  I have been so busy this past month, I forgot to post a picture of the shelves I made from some of the scrap wood.  My sister took most of the wood to use as wainscoting in her dining room.  Here is what I made.  The pieces were broken and warped, but I’m okay with that as long as I have something for my thread.  I’d been storing my thread in a plastic drawer, where the threads would get tangled and I couldn’t see very well what all I had in there.  So, now the threads are on display where I can easily spot what I have, and I see that I need more to fill those empty spaces!  😉

Here is a picture before I hung them and added thread.  I whitewashed the one on the right, because I’d mixed some other wood on the sides, so the wood didn’t match.  Plus, the top shelf was broken, so I added some wood glue to hold it together.  The whitewashing covered it.

projects 1 004

And, here they are with the thread.  Don’t you think I need some more?  😉 😉 😉

projects 1 010 projects 1 012

I also built a garden bed for my husband, so he could grow his vegetables in it next year.  Before I got done, though, my back went out and was out for nearly 3 weeks.  It’s amazing how happy you can feel when you are not in pain!  🙂  It’s a little bigger than 4 feet by 18 feet and was made with the 4×4 posts that used to be part of our fence – we replaced it with the black chain link fence you see in this picture.  I hope it lasts forever, because my back tells me it needs to last at least that long!

garden bed 004

I am trying to get all these outside projects done before it gets too cold.  We’re supposed to get our front porch mud jacked next week, so I can finally fix/replace the rotting posts and paint the outside trim work.  Love me some eye candy!  😉

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