Red, white, and feathers

I have always wanted to make my own red and white quilt.  And, I’ve also wanted to make a blue and white quilt.  In fact, I have the fabric to make the blue and white quilt, and I’ve been meaning to get to the quilt store to get some red fabric, but I’ve been too busy lately.  Have I told you that whenever I am quilting a customer’s quilt, I feel like I made a quilt without having to do any of the work on the quilt top?  I get to admire others’ work and at the same time, I get the satisfaction of completion of yet another quilt.  🙂

Wilma made the big, beautiful red and white quilt, and I am the lucky one who got to quilt it.  So, in a way… I’ve already completed a red and white quilt.  Don’t you think so?  😉  Here is a shot of the whole quilt.

red and white quilt 007 (2)

Isn’t it beautiful?  There is a TON of work in this quilt top!!!  She didn’t know what she wanted quilted on this quilt, except she thought feathered wreaths would be good in the white corners of the middle medallion block.  Piano Keys were very fitting for the striped border, but what to do with the rest of it?  Each of the blocks are so different, I wasn’t sure how to pull it all together.  I finally decided that I wanted to put an emphasis on the red, without taking away from it with the quilting.  So, I just outlined the red parts and put swirls in some of the longer red pieces with red thread.  I filled the white parts with feathers quilted with white thread.

Wilma Red & White 009

One of the blocks, front and back…

Wilma Red & White 019       Wilma Red & White 004

Can you guess which block this is?

Wilma Red & White 006

Here are a couple more shots of the back – yes, I remembered to take pictures of the back this time, but only because you really couldn’t see the stitching on the front.

Wilma Red & White 003 Wilma Red & White 005

And, finally the customization…  I wasn’t sure what to do with this one, the white squares were so small.  So… I added surprises!

Wilma Red & White 011     Wilma Red & White 001

I love this quilt, and I hope Wilma will be happy with the almost finished product!

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